Başa Dön

Our luscious journey begins with Hacı Mustafa Serdar Efendi moving to Diyarbakır from Damascus in 1907 and transferring all his knowledge and expertise on kadayif to Muhammed Bey, followed by the establishment of a kadayif shop near the Four-Legged Minaret, the commercial and cultural center at the time.

As Muhammed Bey is unable to come back from the Yemen War of 1911, his son Hasan Altunhan moves the establishment to Melih Ahmet district. His biggest supporter would be his son Hacı Levent Altunhan, who also gave his name to the brand.


Ongoing for three generations, our journey is interrupted for a period of 11 years during the Second World War. After getting back in business in 1950 with his father, Hacı Levent Altunhan steps down in the 1960’s and three brothers from the fourth generation, Hacı Adnan, Hacı Ahmet and Murat take over the family tradition.

With Hacı Adnan and Murat modernizing the brand, expanding the product range and enlarging capacity by switching to a more systematic production, the Hacı Levent brand carries on to this day and the fifth generation now offers new routes on this luscious journey, with a different touch on the classic.

Hacı Levent’s new and alternative face Halef began it’s journey in Teşvikiye to carry on the tradition with a modern touch.